Monday, June 25, 2007

Boys and Girls


Last week, we got a visit from some Ohio friends. Amy and Jeremy stopped by for dinner with their three sons - Tyler is 4, Liam will be 2 in September, and little Reid is only 3 weeks old! They were on their way to visit their grandparents and we were very happy that they made a pit stop at our house.

I was a little nervous about having THREE BOYS here, but they were lots of fun and didn't seem to mind my girly-ness!

Will I get boy cooties if I touch you, Liam?!

Liam and I are only two months apart in age, so we got along great. We hung out together for most of the evening.

Here we are enjoying some bubbles and band-aid removal.

Here is the youngest boy of the bunch. Reid is SO little - I loved rocking his car seat, even if Mommy was worried that I was rocking it too hard!

Daddy held Reid for a long time - he said it reminded him of when he held me when I was that little!


After an evening of football, soccer and running around the backyard, I was ready for some good old fashioned girl R and R.
Yesterday we went to Ally and Noelle's house. I had my 2 year photo shoot with Jessi in the morning, then it was off to lunch with the girls (oh, and Sean and Daddy, too!). We all took a quick nap, then put on our stylish bathing suits and out to the pool we went!

We felt like we were at a resort - the water was the perfect temperature, we had a tent over our heads to block the sun and Sean provided more toys than we could play with!

Tug of War, toddler style.
This is my kind of room - nothing but pink and princess as far as the eye can see!

Of course we had a 'girls' only' dance party in the kitchen!

The boys weren't too happy with the girls when we decided to use their corn hole board as a dance floor.

I felt like so privileged when Jessi let me eat at the 'big girl' table with Ally for dinner. I was so excited that I ate two huge helpings of pasta and a bowl of apple sauce. I had to eat like a big girl at the big girl table!

Thanks so much to Sean and Jessi for letting us visit for the day and for taking my photos. I had a wonderful day with my girlfriends Ally and Noelle!

Oh, back to the boys - last week, Lindsey and Rich's little boy made a bit of an early arrival. Cole was not due until later next month, but he decided he wanted to come out and meet his cousin, Canton, who was born a few weeks ago. Cole weighed 5 pounds, but is doing just fine. I can't wait to meet these two new boys! Congratulations, Lindsey and Rich!!

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