Monday, July 02, 2007

Go, Speedracer, Go!

Daddy must have thought it was Father's Day again yesterday. I made him very happy by showing interest in his kart. The second I saw it, I knew I had to sit in it and try it out.

Daddy hasn't raced his kart since before I was born, so he got it back out recently to work on it and to see if it would still run. I decided to help him out.

Who wants to sit inside on a Sunday and watch Nascar when you could be in the garage with your daddy playing with a kart?!

I'm practicing my "don't mess with me" Danica Patrick look. Just because I'm beautiful doesn't mean I can't race with the boys!

Coming soon - the Charlotte Racing Suit! Green jammies with blue Crocs look great with wet hair, don't you agree? Place your orders now!

Hey, Crew Chief! I think this part needs some work - the kart feels a little loose.

Let me show you the right way to fix this. It's so hard to find a good crew chief...

After a long day at the track, there's nothing better than getting back into some pink civies and relaxing with your biggest fan.

As I said before, just because I am beautiful doesn't mean I can't race. The wonderful Jessica Barnak took photos of me to prove that I am, in fact, a gorgeous girl. Click on the link below to see a great slideshow of the photo shoot.

Introducing the next great supermodel:

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