Monday, June 11, 2007

Posh Potty Designs by Charlotte

A few weeks ago, Mommy bought me an Elmo potty ring that goes right on top of the grown-up potty.

I tried sitting on it the day she brought it home. I screamed and cried. I haven't been on it since.

On Saturday, Mommy bought me my own private potty that is much more my size. When I sit on this potty, my cute little legs aren't dangling in the air, making me feel as though I'm hanging from a tall tree branch, hiney exposed.

Even though I was terrified of the Elmo potty ring, I do like the looks of it. Before I sat on my own private potty, I thought I'd try to customize it by placing the Elmo ring on it.

Trading Spaces would have been proud of me for trying to make the potty reflect my personal style with the Elmo ring, but unfortunately the ring didn't fit.

I'm not feeling the Feng-shui in here. I think I need to relocate the potty to another area of the house.

The upstairs hallway feels right. I'll just put the potty here.

Let's see how this fits.

Feet firmly on the floor, handles on the sides - my hiney is comfy and cushioned!!

Next step - taking off the diaper and actually using it as a potty! We'll keep you posted...

Potty talk aside, Mommy says that this is the Summer of Babies! Not only did her cousin Ted and his wife Ellen welcome Kyle recently, but Auntie Sue and Uncle Derrick are settling in at home with little Steven.
In the past week, we received even MORE baby annoucements. This time, they were additions to Team Pink!
Penn State friends Brent and Kathy welcomed Ashley Anne to the world on May 29. Then ANOTHER baby Nittany Lion was born on June 9th - Matt and Ami welcomed their first baby, Sarah Elaine, after THIRTY EIGHT hours of labor!!
We are SO excited about all these new babies. I can't wait to meet them all and show them the ropes.
Up next: Kent and Cindy's baby boy and Lindsey and Rich's baby boy, both due in the next few weeks!

**A few hours after Mommy wrote this, she got an email announcing the arrival of Kent and Cindy's son, Canton! He was born this morning and weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Welcome to the world, Canton!

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