Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Even though I am only a toddler, I am very concerned about our environment. I want the earth to be clean and green when I am grow up.

When Mommy tried to throw away an empty diaper box yesterday, I pleaded with her to let me find another use for it. Why let it take up space in a landfill when it had the potential to do so many other jobs?

As she usually does, Mommy granted my wish and let me have the box. I spent the whole day coming up with new uses for it.

Use #1: Toy box

Emmet is always leaving his toys all over the floor - why not use the Pampers box as a place to store them?

Use #2: Bed

Why should Mommy have to take me upstairs for my nap when I can curl up and get some sleep right here in the living room?

Use #3: Thought box

Everyone needs a quite place of her own to contemplate the meaning of life.

Use #4: The best Peek a Boo spot ever

Look closely - you'll see my left eye, nose and cute little mouth just waiting to pop up and yell "Peek Boo!" (Yes, I say "Peek Boo" - I'm too excited to waste time with the "a")

Use #5: Shoe storage

After stomping around the house in her shoes, Mommy will appreciate that I have a safe place to store her favorite heels.

Use #6: Club house

Every club needs a club house. The box is ideal for the Pug Leaders of America meetings.

Use #7: Dance floor

The final use I came up with for the diaper box should come as no surprise. It makes an absolutley fantastic dance floor. Check out these two dances - in the second dance, I am wearing Mommy's favorite heels. You'll hear them!

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