Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Everyday is Father's Day at my house.

I have the best daddy in the world.

My daddy can make me laugh more than anyone in the world.

My daddy is the smartest and most talented daddy in the world - he teaches me SO much everyday (like how cars and tractors work, how you play football, baseball and soccer, how to go around corners really fast in a car...)

My daddy reads to me because he knows how much I love books, even though I know that he doesn't like to read.

My daddy is a better dancer than Apolo Anton Ohno and Mario Lopez combined. He teaches me how to shake my hiney on the dance floor like a pro.

It's a good thing I wear a diaper - my daddy make me laugh so hard when he throws me into the air that I wet my pants!

There isn't anything my daddy can't do - including fixing the crazy landscaping that the old owner's left behind at our house. He even lets me help.

Can you tell that I love my daddy very much? I am proud to say that I am a daddy's girl and that my heart belongs to Daddy. Happy Father's Day to my daddy and all the daddys of the world!

It's not just Father's Day weekend - it also the birthday weekend of two of my favorite people.

Auntie Tara has a birthday on Saturday, June 16. Happy Birthday, Auntie T - I'm working REALLY hard on saying your name!

Aunt Jill's birthday is Sunday, June 17. I know you just got back from your honeymoon, but I hope Uncle Emar did something special to celebrate your big day!!

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Tara said...

Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes! My card was beautiful. It was a fabulous day. Now repeat after me: Ta-ra. Ta-ra. ;)