Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pug Party FAQ

Q: How do you survive a whole day and night with four crazy pugs?

A: Be very patient, and grab a quick nap whenever you can!!

Last Friday, Nana and JoePa's pugs, Mimi and Wolfie (aka "Woo Woo"), came to our house for a sleep-over. Emmet was very excited to see his good buddy, Woo Woo. Trixie - not so much. It was a very hot day, so they didn't get to play outside for too long, much to Mommy's dismay.

When they were outside, Woo Woo and Mimi seemed to really enjoy having the run of the backyard (hint to JoePa: get a fence!!) When all four pugs were inside, they seemed to enjoy having the run of the house, as well. Other than one fight over food, everyone got along great. I loved having all four dogs here. It wasn't quite as fun for Mommy, who had to take care of me AND the pug four-pack on her own (Daddy conveniently was out of town for the night!!) Come back again soon, Mimi and Woo Woo!

Q: How do you entertain four pugs at a time?

A: Open the door to the backyard. Watch them do their kamikaze run around the perimeter for approx. 90 seconds. Then watch them fall to the grass in exhaustion. Mission accomplished.

Q: How do you protect yourself from a nasty fall from a tree swing?

A: Hire a 28 pound pug to lie underneath you to break your fall.

Q: Is it possible to watch "Elmo's World" in peace with three pugs in your face trying to get your attention?

A: No - and I'm still bitter about that.

Q: How do you enforce a curfew for a pug sleepover?

A: Tell the pugs you popped some popcorn and rented "Milo and Otis" for them to watch late that night. Then inform them that the popcorn and the movie are in the big crate and that they all have to get in the crate to enjoy the goodies.

They're pugs. They'll believe you.

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