Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sunday Mornings

Back when I was little, Sunday mornings with Daddy were very leisurely. We'd sleep in a little, wake up, watch a cartoon or two, read the paper or the latest issue of "Autoweek" and enjoy some toast and pancakes.
Sometimes we would even sit together and enjoy a Formula One race on tv.

I always looked forward to those Sunday mornings with Daddy. It was my favorite day of the week.

Then I turned two.

Now Sunday mornings are considered 'work days' at our house. Daddy said that since I turned two years old, I am now old enough to 'earn my keep.'

Daddy hooks up my very own keyboard and hands me a 'to do' list. It's never a short list. A combine designer's work never ends!!

Instead of "Dora the Explorer" and Mommy's famous banana buttermilk pancakes, it's spreadsheets and combine engine drawings.

Daddy still takes the occasional coffee break, but I'm a hard worker - no breaks for me. I even wear a diaper so that I don't waste time walking to the rest room.

Daddy can be a tough boss, but I wouldn't want to work for anyone else!!!

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