Monday, July 30, 2007

Hands on House

On the Monday before my birthday, Mommy and I were lucky enough to have another playdate with the Pinks, Jr Pinks and the T-Bird. We went to a really cool place in Lancaster called the Hands-on-House Children's Museum. They had all sorts of interactive play areas for kids our age. We learned a lot about farming, animals, science, food and lots of other things.

This was me in the dress-up room. I put on every boa they had. I loved looking at myself in the mirror. It got a little crowded in this room, though, so I couldn't show off my amazing dress-up techniques to everyone.

Sorry this post is a little late, but Mommy thought you would enjoy seeing photos of my first museum experience. Enjoy!

This was a tree house room where we got to play with lots of different stuffed animals. Mommy tried to read the information on the walls to us, but we were more interested in touching all of the animals.

Here is Mommy's lame attempt at face painting. She tried to paint a pink heart onto my cheek. It looks more like a pink blob to me!

At the egg exhibit, Genna and I learned a lot about how eggs get from the hen house to the grocery store. We loved disposing of the 'bad eggs.'

Wait! I made a mistake! That wasn't really a bad egg! How do I get it back??

At the farm exhibit, Mommy was so excited to see a tractor like the ones that Daddy's company designs. Genna loved sitting in the cab and pretending she was driving around the fields.

I liked sitting in the cab, too, but I was too busy looking around at what was next to look at Mommy for a good photo.

Genna and I took a break from collecting and distributing our corn to say hello to the pig.

This steering wheel looks a lot bigger than the one in Daddy's cars.

Ahoy, mateys. Captain Charlotte is at the wheel!

Our favorite part of the museum was the grocery store. We could walk around with baskets and pick out lots of kid-sized products. Genna and I were really good at being cashiers. Where's a bagger when you need one?

You're telling me that these carts are glued to the wall? What fun is that?

After a long morning of learning and fun, we went back to our house to have lunch. Mommy brought up my old bouncer so that little Steven could take a nap and relax. I remembered all the good times that I spent in that bouncer, so I decided to see if I would still fit.

It's a little more snug than I remember!!

Thanks for a great playdate Auntie Sue, Auntie Sharon, Genna, Steven, Grace and Riley. Let's do it again soon!!

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