Friday, March 31, 2006

Cousin Drew

Charlotte spent yesterday afternoon hangin' with Cousin Drew. Well, it was more like Charlotte rolled around and crawled backwards all over the floor playing with his toys while the D-Man slept. She tried out his new Bumbo seat, which she seemed to enjoy until she decided it would be fun to try to jump out of it. Hopefully she doesn't pass that trick on to Drew.

When Drew finally decided to entertain his guests and wake up, Charlotte mistakenly thought he was a pug and tried to grab and pull him every time she got close to him. Drew is probably already scared of his cousin. That will probably only last for the few months that he is smaller than Charlotte.

All in all, it was a fun day for Charlotte. Drew was very generous with his toys - he didn't seem to mind that she had them all in her mouth at some point. They all receive the "Charlotte Wet and Slimy Seal of Approval." Thanks for the great visit, Drew. We'll be back soon (we can say that now - how cool!)

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Janelle said...

Hey kiddo, I am glad you are all moved into your new housing (even if it is temporary!). We also just had an offer accepted for our first real house, so you are welcome to come visit and give all our stuff your drooly stamp of approval (although, Kaleb does that well himself!). Tell your mom and dad that we need to catch up with them when we get back from Africa...we leave on Sunday. I will bring you back a giraffe or monkey or something ;)
love, auntie janelle