Thursday, March 30, 2006

Our Dr Doolittle

Charlotte's favorite thing (aside from fruit puffs) is animals. She breaks into the biggest smile and squeals with delight when she sees dogs or cats. Her two pugs are the best toys - they keep her entertained for hours. She loves to pull their fur, tug on their tails, grab their paws, and bury her face into their soft bodies.
On a visit to Auntie Tara's parents' house a while back, Mama and Papa Gibson were concerned that their two big dogs might scare Charlotte. To their surprise, Charlotte erupted into a fit of giggles when the very friendly lab and golden retriever rushed to her to sniff her and say hello. And you would think that four insane pugs (our two pups with Nana and JoePa's 'angels') might overwhelm little Charlotte. On the contrary, she tries to give them all hugs while they are swarming around her like sharks. Maybe this is a sign that our Charlotte is going to be a vet. That would be a good thing - she could give us a discount on the obscence amount of vet visits we make with our high maintenance pugs!

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