Monday, March 20, 2006

Puff the Magic Candy

To celebrate her 8 month birthday today, Charlotte had her introduction into the world of finger food - banana puffs. She was a little tentative at first. She got it into her mouth no problem - she's a pro at getting things into her mouth and has been doing that for months! Figuring out what to do with it once it was in her mouth was another story. Lots of drool and a few gags later, she eventually figured it out and now LOVES the yummy little puffs. Her first snack was around 2pm today. I got them out again while I was making dinner, and she screamed inbetween puffs if I didn't get one to her fast enough. I guess she likes them.

Hmmmmm...what is this strange star on my tray? Did Mommy give me another toy for being a good girl?

Let me investigate with my mouth. I'm not too sure about this. I think I'd rather suck on a napkin.

Abort, abort!! Whose stupid idea was this?

OK, this second one isn't as bad. Hmmm. Do I taste a hint of banana? I sure do love bananas.


Dillon said...
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Dillon said...

Hey Charlotte-
I am trying to figure out those darn puffs, too! I think they taste kinda funny, though...
P.S. You're cute - too bad you had to move to PA! Go Bucks! ;-)
- Dillon

I love your comments, Meg - they fit the pictures just perfectly! I have to say I stole your idea to make a webpage, too - it's just too much fun! I wish you and Jed well in your new home - congratulations on the move!
- Kristy Gilkerson