Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tooth Watch: 2006

At eight and a half months old, Charlotte is still a toothless wonder. Most of her baby friends around the same age have two or three teeth by now. Is this going to be like her refusal to come into the world when she was supposed to in early July? Is she determined not to fold into peer pressure and get teeth just because her friends have them and because the "What To Expect the First Year" book says she should have chompers by now?

Apparently Charlotte follows her own schedule, not one set by an evil book that makes you feel your child is weird if she doesn't follow the "What Your Baby Should Be Doing at 'x' Age" Column. Actually, Charlotte has been ahead for most milestones for her age (which I attribute to the fact that she is actually two weeks older than her actual birthdate says - she was two weeks late, for cryin' out loud!) For some reason, though, this tooth thing is an obsession with me. Every morning, I pry open her mouth (much to her dismay - she thinks I am going to throw a puff in there!) just to find pink and smooth (but still cute) toothless gums. We'll keep you updated on Tooth Watch: 2006. I know the moms reading this are thinking I'm crazy for wanting teeth - I'm sure teething is not fun for mom or baby, but I never said I was sane.

By the way - trying to get a photo of a baby's gums isn't easy. This took about 15 tries. Then I decided to add a picture of Charlotte being cute in her exersaucer. She definitely is off the charts in the "How Cute your Baby Should Be" column in the baby book!

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too freaking cute!