Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Goin' Bananas

Yes, it's another food post about Charlotte. Since eating takes up such a big part of her day, I always seem to reach for the camera while she's munching away. Soon I'll get a clue and take shots of her doing other things, but until then, here's Charlotte eating her first real food. I offered her a piece of banana yesterday. Without hesitation, she attacked it with her pudgy little hand. The real banana was not as easy to pick up as the banana puff, though, which frustrated her. After a minute or two of trying to pick it up, she finally got it in her mouth. I don't know if she liked the taste or not - I think she was just mad at it for being so hard to pick up. Subsequent banana pieces didn't go well, either, so I think we'll hold off on the bananas for a while.

Sweet! Something new on my tray! I'm so good at this grabbing food thing that I'm not even going to let go of the toy in my other hand. I am so talented!

OK. This is getting serious. I can't pick up this silly, slimy, yellow, scrumptious looking object. I had to let go of my toy. Come on fingers. Do your job!

Why must you be so elusive? Why won't you give in to your fate? Get in my belly!!

Success doesn't taste so sweet. Mommy, pass the puffs!

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