Monday, March 27, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

We clicked our heels three times, and we are finally in Pennsylvania!! Well, I wish it were as easy as clicking our heels. Charlotte, the pugs and I arrived on Friday after three days of having strangers pack up our house, deciding what went to storage and what went to our corporate housing, and enduring our last six hour long car ride for a while. Charlotte was especially good on the ride here. I think she knew she was coming home. It felt like the sign announcing the PA state line after leaving West Virginia should have said "Pennsylania Welcomes the Astons!"

Charlotte's Aunt Amy, Uncle Darin, Cousin Drew, and Aunt Sam all came over on Friday evening to our temporary housing to supply us with food and kitchen essentials - that was a very nice welcome back gift and a relief to know that we wouldn't have to scope out a new grocery store for at least a few days.

After our guests left, Charlotte and the pugs went down for the night. Charlotte slept incredibly well - over 12 hours. She didn't wake up until after 9am - over an hour and a half after her normal wake-up time. I wish I could say the same for the puggies. Trixie was up multiple times barking at noises she thought she heard. Emmet wouldn't leave my sight for a second. Even today, four days later, I have an Emmet at my heels at all times. He is normally not so clingy.

Jed came Sunday evening after making sure the movers got all of our stuff safely on the truck and cleaning every inch of the house. No rest for the weary - he started work today, only 12 hours after he arrived!!

It seems that Charlotte is handling all the changes like a champ, while Jed, the pugs and I are adjusting slowly. Maybe we should all learn from Charlotte about dealing with stressful situations and just smile all the time, take three naps a day, sleep 12 hours at night and enjoy eating so much that we wear half of the food on our face and our clothes.

Sorry there isn't a new photo of Charlotte. The camera is packed away somwhere around here. I'll find it soon and try to get a picture of her in our temporary crib. Until then, keep your fingers crossed that we'll sell our house soon!!

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