Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Wicked Cool New England Aunts

Charlotte wants to give a big shout out to her Aunt Jill and Aunt Janelle. Her Aunt Jill just started classes to get her teaching certificate in elementary education. Charlotte thinks that Aunt Jill is going to be the greatest teacher ever and wishes she could be lucky enough to be in her class someday. Good luck, Aunt Jill - study hard!!

Charlotte's Aunt Janelle just finished med school at Tufts University. Last week she received her match to do her OB/GYN residency at UMass Medical Center. Charlotte is very proud of her Aunt Janelle for all the hard work she has done over the past few years. Aunt Janelle's future patients will be very lucky to have such a great doctor caring for them!!

Since Charlotte is a die hard PSU football fan, it was hard for her to consider wearing any other sports team's logo. In honor of her two aunts' big accomplishments, though, Charlotte decided to put off her PSU allegiance for one day to support their team - the Boston Red Sox. This photo is for you, Aunt Jill and Aunt Janelle!!


Janelle said...

Hey there cutie-pea! Your New England Aunts love you too! We are so happy to see you starting to scurry around and eat banana poofies and such exciting things :) And who knows, if your mommy decides to have a little brother or sister for you someday...I could even deliver the baby by then! Lots of love to the whole family and puglets too!
auntie janelle

Tara said...

Hey Charlotte... where's my shout out?
love, your superfabulousuberdupernumerouno Aunt Tara

drewseph said...

Cousin Charlotte,
I'm with Tara. You're getting a little stingy on your shout-outs.

BTW: Stay away from the puffs! Next thing you know your mom will be shoveling brussel sprouts and cauliflower down your throat. Stay on the boob for as long as possible!

Your neglected cousin Drew