Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Life in Reverse

Over the past week and a half, we have made two trips to PA to go house hunting. The trips have gone well, but our place in OH hasn't sold yet, so we can't put an offer on anything. Looks like we'll be hanging out in corporate housing for a while. Yay.

While we were house hunting, Charlotte had a great time hanging out at Nana and JoePa's. She absolutely loves the attention she gets from the four crazy pugs. Even with all four of them running around the living room, Charlotte managed to start the early stages of crawling last week. She used to be content playing on the floor while laying on her back, rolling occasionally. This isn't good enough for her anymore - she now LOVES to roll all around the floor. She can make it from one end of a room to another in no time at all. In the middle of rolling, she is now putting herself in a push up position (this coming from a kid who HATED tummy time). She'll stay in that position for a while, trying so hard to move forward, but it just isn't working yet. She can, however, crawl a few steps backwards. She now just needs Daddy to teach her how to go from reverse into first gear! Hopefully our corporate housing will have enough open space for her to practice this new skill!

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Drewseph said...

Cousin Charlotte,
You better start crawling because soon you'll have 9lbs 8oz of pint-sized powerhouse reaching out to get you!

By the way, I love the links except last night my Daddy put a link around my ankle then chained me to the pole of my playmat. To top off that indignity, Mommy snapped several pictures. I swear, I must have been dropped off with the wrong parents.

Cousin Drew