Saturday, July 14, 2007

Almost Two!!

Things have been very busy around here! Mommy and I have had so much to do (prepare for my party next week, get my 2 yr check up at the pediatrician, visit lots of daycares, check out Mommy's new classroom...) that there hasn't been any time for new pictures. Instead, we thought we'd share two of the photos that the magnificent Jessica Barnak took of me a few weeks ago!

While you enjoy the photos, Mommy wants you to know that I got a clean bill of health at my 2 yr pediatrician appointment. My doc said I am 'perfect,' even though I fell in the weight percentile department again. I just hit 23 pounds (I got to stand on the big kid scale this time - no more baby scale for me!!) That is the 10th percentile, but since Mommy told the doc I have a great appetite, he wasn't worried. I am 33 and a half inches tall, which is the 50th percentile. The best part of the visit - no shots!! The doc was impressed w/my good temperment while he was examining me. He said I am an angel. Well, duh!

I have been having lots of fun visitng all of the daycares recently. While Mommy talks and talks and talks to the teachers, I get to play with lots of new kids and toys. Mommy is impressed at how quickly I join the other kids, but she is a little sad that I don't seem to even notice that she is there. What does she expect? I'm a social girl, I have friendships to form and connections to make!!

OK - I'm off to continue planning for my party. Who knew that I would be this busy as I approached the big 2?! I thought life got more leisurely as you got older, not more hectic!! :)


Canucks In Ohio said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte! Your pictures are really adorable. The camrera loves you! Hope you are all doing well in PA.

Tasha, Dylan, Claire & Sarah Thomas

Jennifer said...

A future in modeling? She's absolutely precious! Happy Birthday, Charlotte!