Monday, April 10, 2006

Shout Out to Down East

Charlotte's so-called favorite auntie has complained that she hasn't received a 'shout-out' on Charlotte's Web. Since it's finally getting a little warmer, Charlotte decided to sport her "Cool as a Moose" shirt from Maine - given to her by said auntie. Consider this your shout-out.

A message from Charlotte:

Hi Auntie Tara!! I'm excited to go to Central Market with you on Saturday. Make sure Mommy buys me something. And have fun with Mommy and Daddy on Friday night when you go out for an 'adult' dinner without the cutest baby in the universe. Don't worry about me - I'll be fine with Nana. I don't feel left out at all. I'm sure I'll have some delicious formula or some fine pureed squash for dinner while you are all enjoying roast duck with the mango salsa. Again, don't worry about me...

On a totally different note, we are beginning to wonder if Charlotte thinks she is a pug. You be the judge.

1 comment:

Tara said...

"So called"? Perhaps "self proclaimed" but not "so called"! Anyway... LOVE THAT SHIRT Charlotte. I can't wait to take you for a swim in Toddy Pond. We'll go eel hunting, play with the lobsters, and someday you can add your name to the bunkhouse wall!!