Saturday, October 06, 2007

I-Owe-A Lot to Iowa

It's about time!! For the past two weeks, I rarely got to practice my touchdown signal while we were ahead on the scoreboard. Today, thanks to the Hawkeyes, I was able to practice my signal a few times, all while leading.

This was the first game that Mommy, Daddy and I were able to watch a PSU game together at home. The stupid Big Ten Network didn't get their greedy hands on this game, so our whole family enjoyed an afternoon of Penn State football in the comforts of our own home.

I wore my "Little Person, Big Fan" t-shirt, hoping it would bring the team good luck. Looks like it worked!

As usual, my boys got off to a slow start. Kinlaw fumbled AGAIN, stopping a great first offensive drive. Morelli looked inconsistent AGAIN. For a quarter and a half, I squeezed the life out of Miss Nittany in frustration.

Right before the first half ended, my Nittany Lions starting showing some promise, so I was able to plant some happy, wet kisses onto Miss Nittany.

When the game ended, I called Nana and Joepa (who were at the game) on my new Minnie cellphone. I wanted to share my excitement of the win.

Because I was so excited about finally winning a game, I couldn't help but jump for joy. Since Ally's moonbounce wasn't available, I used our couch instead.

During halftime, Mommy decided to let me decorate the Halloween sugar cookies she had just baked. I put on my favorite apron and went to work.

I chose to decorate the kitty cat cookie, to nobody's surprise. I was very diligent about my artwork, and I took my time to make sure it looked perfect.

After spending all that time decorating the cookie, it only took me a few seconds to lick off my masterpiece.

Daddy noticed that I was playing with cookies, so he couldn't resist coming out into the kitchen to show off his inner Bob Ross. He thought his artwork was so tasty that he ate TWO masterpieces.


Due to Mommy's crazy work schedule and Penn State's two losses, my shout-outs have been neglected. If only I knew how to type, I wouldn't have to rely on Mommy to publish my thoughts for me!


1. Rodney Kinlaw - Even though you did have a huge fumble at the beginning of the game, you redeemed yourself by running for 168 yards and two touchdowns. Since Austin Scott was suspended for being a bad boy, you were the starting running back, and you did quite well!

2. Kevin Kelly - You made a 53 yard field goal right before half time to give PSU a 13-0 lead. What a great way to give PSU momentum leading into the half!

3. Evan Royster - At first, Mommy thought they were calling you "Oyster." She had never heard of you until today, but it's unlikely she'll forget you after today's performance. You ran for 86 yards before you left the game with an injury. I hope you're not hurt too badly!


1. Chris Bell - What were you thinking when you dropped that pass in the end zone? I would have caught that pass, and I'm not even three feet tall, with hands that are smaller than your ears.

Next week, Wisconsin comes to the Beav. Illinois beat them today, so we might have a shot. Get some rest this week, boys. We need to beat those Badgers!!


Anonymous said...

La La,

I'd like to add a Non-Shout-Out to your list:

Penn State University for charging $20 for game day parking!

I'm a business person. I'm all for organizations making a profit. But, seriously, $20 to park in a field a 1/2 mile from the stadium!


Aunt Amy

Anonymous said...


Honda wants that shirt back..........