Sunday, October 14, 2007

Homecoming, Toddler Style

What a great Homecoming for Penn State and for me! My Nittany Lions whipped those crazy Badgers, and Mommy and I watched the game with Big Jim, Amy, Avery, Evan and Jess! (Daddy went to Hershey for a car show.)

Mommy told me stories of the Homecoming festivities she took part in when she was at Penn State. She told me about spending the week building and pomping floats, participating in Crazy Band dances, watching and riding in the parade, drinking "cider"...

Avery, Evan and I decided to celebrate Homecoming in our own way. Instead of making floats, we decided to make a mess. Instead of cider, we had juice, pizza and ice cream!!

While Penn State began to put the hurt on Wisconsin, Avery and I played in the basement. Evan tried to get into our playhouse, but we quickly instituted a "No Boys Allowed" policy. I have my fill of boys at school all week - I need a break from the cooties on the weekend!

OK, Evan, you might have cooties, but can you call Joe Paterno on your cool phone and tell him that we really need a win?! I have a long car ride home with Mommy tonight - it will be an unbearable ride if they lose!

Not only were we celebrating Homecoming, we were also celebrating Jessi's birthday!! (I can't say "Jess," but I can say "Jessi" really well, so that's how I refer to her now!!)


Speaking of Jessi, I was trying to be like another Jessi in my life during halftime- if you need an intern sometime, Jessi B., I'm all yours!

After our Nittany Lions finished pounding the Badgers, we decided to walk in a Homecoming parade of our own - a parade to Maggie Moo's for some ice cream!

Who needs a marching band? I created an original Homecoming chant as we walked...


How are we supposed to choose from all these toppings?

Can we have some of each?!?

Birthday girl Jessi helped me sample lots of different flavors before we placed our order.

Yummy in my tummy.

Here's Evan on his way to creating an ice cream hoodie.

Who needs "cider" to celebrate Homecoming?? Ice cream is SOOO much better!!!

It works for Trixie and Emmet...

I'm sure we could find more room in our bellies for cake!

We'll take this one!

Thanks for inviting us to your house for the game, Dixon family. We had a great time!!

Wisconsin 7 Penn State 38

1. JoePa - You get a shout out not only for the win, but for getting out of your car this week and yelling at a woman for being a bad driver. If only everyone in the world was as good of a driver as you (and Daddy) are...

2. Terrell Golden - You had 5 catches today for 83 yards. You had 6 catches all of last season, so congratulations on the breakout performance!

3. Evan Royster - What a great touchdown run on a fourth down play. See, JoePa doesn't always make the conservative call!

4. Maurice Evans - You only had 3 tackles today, but all of them were for losses and two of them were sacks!

5. Anthony Scirotto - You ended a second quarter Wisconsin drive with an awesome leaping intersection - way to go !

6. Sean Lee - You picked up the fumble on the first play from scrimmage by PJ Hill to set the tone for the game. We needed that great start!

Overall, it was a very entertaining game to watch. At least that's what Mommy tells me - I was too busy celebrating Homecoming with my friends to really notice!!

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