Monday, October 19, 2009

How To Keep Your Medical Insurance

Ever since Claire heard about the 4 month old boy in Colorado who was denied health insurance because he was 'overweight,' she's been very worried. She weighed the same as he does at 4 months and hasn't gotten any slimmer since. Even though we have good medical insurance, she's taking steps to get rid of her 'high weight percentile' label so that we don't lose our insurance. :)

She has heard that yoga is a good weight loss program. This is the 'foot in mouth' pose.

Claire is trying to prove that she is very flexible. If she were obese, she probably wouldn't be able to touch her toes. Take that, insurance people!

At first Claire was upset that Mommy made her wear a WAY too small pumpkin hat that used to belong to me. Then she thought it might help shrink her giant melon head and drop off a few pounds.

Claire's new exercise regimen includes working out with a hula hoop. Her goal is to have Michelle Obama arms by Christmas.

The hula hoop is multi-functional. Claire uses it for arm exercises and to help with push ups.

Claire is working on her first exercise hula hoop DVD to be released early next year.

Claire is learning to push away the spoon before she is completely full.

She's also requested frequent face cleanings - she doesn't want to be tempted by the extra calories that might be lurking around her mouth.

Distractions like music at the dinner table will help keep her from eating too much at one sitting.

Claire is pleased with her progress so far. No weight has been lost yet, but she thinks that the steps she is taking to show that she is healthy will appeal to the insurance company. Keep it up, Claire!!

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