Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rest In Peace, Kakia

Mommy said that today is a very sad day. She found out that Kakia, a beloved pug, passed away on Tuesday. I only got to meet Kakia one time, but Mommy said that she was a very special pug.

For those of you who don't know, Mommy and Daddy moved to Ohio a long time ago. When they first arrived, they met Deidre. Daddy used to play ultimate frisbee with Deidre every week. Mommy would go to watch Daddy play and to cheer him on, but soon spent more time playing with Kakia on the sidelines than watching Daddy. Mommy thought Kakia was the cutest, coolest dog ever and convinced Daddy that she needed a pug, too.

A few weeks later, Trixie joined their family. Trixie and Kakia were BFFs immediately. Trixie wanted to be just like Kakia.

A year later, Trixie and Kakia were dognapped from their cars one evening after a game of ultimate frisbee. Mommy, Daddy and Deidre were heartbroken. They did everything they could to get Trix and Kakia back, including speaking with the dognappers on the phone and agreeing to pay ransom. The dognappers never showed up. To make a LOOONG story short, Kakia and Trixie were later found trotting around OSU campus together. To this day, Mommy says that sheltered, prissy Trixie would never have survived that adventure without tough, street wise Kakia to keep her safe.

Kakia started the "Kakia Pug Legacy." Mommy fell in love with Kakia and decided that she had to get her own pug - enter Trixie. Then Nana and Joepa decided they needed to get pugs, so Mimi and Wolfie joined their family (Deidre and Kakia helped pick out Mimi!!) Then our friends Amy and Big Jimrealized that they had to have pugs, too, so Riley and Ollie joined their family. My Aunt Jill and Uncle Emar loved pugs so much that they added Vegas and Jack to their house. After all that, Mommy knew that she had to have two pugs, too, and before you knew it Emmet joined the legacy. Deidre and Jenn also recently added another pug to their brood. Without Kakia, none of these wonderful dogs would be in our extended family.

We are so sorry for your loss, Deidre. We just know that Kakia is now running free in heaven, watching over her legacies and her family, smiling her wide pug grin!

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