Saturday, March 01, 2008

Snow Princess Charlotte

Is it really snowing?!

I, Snow Princess Charlotte, have been waiting for a year to make an appearance to my subjects, the snow creatures. I've been hiding away in my beautiful yet lonely castle, just waiting for the skies to open and the snow to fall.

It has been a long year inside the castle, ordering my loyal pug attendants to entertain me. But as a snow princess, I can only venture outside when there is beautiful snow on the ground.

Could it really be the time - finally??

What do you think, Lady Trixie? Is it time for Your Majesty to reveal herself?

Snow Princess Charlotte cannot make her appearance without her royal slippers and snowbibs!

Only snow royalty can afford such luxurious snow attire. Don't try to find this at your local Target!

My snow outfit is complete. Only since Lady Diana stepped out of her wedding carriage has an outfit been so highly anticipated in the royal world.

Part of my 'stepping out' tradition is to shovel a spot for my trusted attendants to 'relieve' themselves. Since they have 'relieved' my boredom of being held captive inside all year, this is a way for the snow princess to reciprocate.

Look at this stunning snow palace!! I hope my subjects are not too envious.

No subject in the kingdom is permitted to eat snow until I, Snow Princess Charlotte, consume the first snowflake and deem the snow worthy.
Yummy. This snow is definitely worthy of consumption.

Only a princess is permitted to enjoy the royal snow slide. Good thing my royal snow bibs are water proof!

I have enacted a new law in my kingdom - one MUST create a snow angel at the bottom of every snow slide.
Since I am the only one permitted down the slide, I guess that law applies only to me!

Royal Pug Attendants!! Royal Pug Attendants!! I told you this outfit was a bit bulky - I need help getting up. I order you to come immediately!!

Thank you for your help, Lord Emmet. Now I will chase you with a royal snowball!
Don't you know that I'm a Snow Princess? You're supposed to let me catch you!!

Lord Emmet?! Lord Emmet?! You can run, but you can't hide!! I order you to appear!

Why does everyone feel the need to keep beautiful princesses away from the rest of the world? Cinderella, Snow White, Snow Princess Charlotte...
...we can't help it that we are so fair and so pretty!

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