Sunday, January 27, 2008

Like Mommy, Like Daughter

Isn't school the best?!?

Mommy and I both go to school. She teaches the big kids, and I play with the little kids. We both love our schools.

I was SO excited when Nana bought me a cool chalkboard easel for Christmas. Now I can pretend to be just like Mommy and write on a chalkboard so that I can teach my 'class.'

My class didn't seem too enthusiastic at first, but I quickly won them over with my super-energetic and fun teaching style.

And in case you were wondering, of course I teach at an all-girls school.

I very carefully demonstrated different shapes for my students. Today's lesson focused on large, uneven squiggly shapes.

Don't forget, class, you must raise your hand if you have a question. There will be no shouting out or interrupting in Miss Charlotte's class.

Before stepping foot into my classroom, I spend countless hours on lesson planning. I take suggestions from the text book and put them together with my own creative and industry-leading ideas to write the best lesson plans teaching has ever seen.

"Dangerous Minds" and "Stand and Deliver?" Sure, those teachers were good, but there should be a movie made about my inventive and outstanding teaching style.

Did those teachers look as cute as I do when they taught?

Did they use a textbook with a lanuage they couldn't even read?

Did they teach so enthusiastically that they were covered in chalk by the end of the lesson?

Did they have a classroom full of pink, girly, absolutely fabulous dolls? I think not.


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