Sunday, September 02, 2007

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

When I woke up on Saturday, I was SO excited to hear that I would be wearing my Penn State cheerleading outfit. That only meant one thing - Penn State Football was back!!! I did my happy dance all morning to mark the occasion!!

As happy as I was, Mommy crushed my enthusiasm when she told me that I couldn't watch the game. She said our evil cable company wouldn't carry the Big Ten Network, so the game wouldn't be on TV. She and Daddy drove out to Delaware to watch the game in a bar with Sean and Jessi. Mommy said I'm not old enough to go to a bar. I was terribly upset until I heard that Gramma was coming over to spend the day with me. As long as I got to wear my uniform, I was still happy!

Even though I didn't see the game, Mommy filled me in well enough when she returned so that I could begin my annual "Charlotte's Shout Outs." I know you all missed them.

I am proud to present the first edition of "Charlotte's Shout Outs" for the 2007 season. I have a good feeling about this season!!!!

Charlotte's Shout Outs - Week One

Florida International vs Penn State

1. JoePa - This was your first game coaching on the sideline since you broke your leg last year. 80 years young and still going strong!! You'll still be the coach when I'm a student at Penn State!

2. Anthony Morelli - You were quite inconsistent last year, but everyone has high expectations for you this year. You started off well by breaking the PSU first half passing record with 231 yards. Keep up the great work!!

3. Galen Hall - You are the offensive coordinator PSU has needed. Seven different players caught a TD pass or ran one in for a score. Now that is some great play-calling!

4. Jared Odrick - You tipped FIU's field goal attempt and preserved the shut out. Yay!

5. Jordan Norwood - You had 5 receptions for 92 yards. That's a lot of yards per reception!

Non PSU Shout-Out

Appalachian State - You did what Penn State hasn't been able to do in 12 years. You beat Michigan!! In the Big House, no less. We are very proud of you, but we'd like you to teach our Nittany Lions how you did it!!

Just in case you weren't already pumped up for Penn State football, here's a video to get you in the mood!!

Blog Note: This is Mommy's and my first official week of school. Mommy's students start coming on Wednesday AND she is preparing for the big RV trip to Penn State this weekend, so it will be a very busy week. It might be awhile before my blog is updated again, but there will be a "Charlotte's Shout Outs" for the Notre Dame game. It just might not be timely. Keep checking back, though! We'll return soon!!!

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