Saturday, September 22, 2007


So much for our great feeling.

Michigan beat us again. Seriously.

The last time Penn State beat Michigan, Mommy still wasn't of legal drinking age. That was a long, long time ago.

Why can't we beat Michigan? They lost to Appalachian State. Appalachian State. Seriously.

I was having the time of my life in the moon bounce at Ally's birthday party when Mommy broke the news to me that we lost. Again. I was so disturbed that I stopped jumping and had to sit and wonder how JoePa could let this happen again.

Later that evening, as I got into my jammies before leaving Ally's house, I became so upset that I buried my face in shame in Bailey's tail.

Michigan is just like the ear infection I picked up the other day - they both hurt, they both make me want to cry, and they both give me nightmares.

At least the antibiotics will defeat my ear infection. I can't say the same for Penn State defeating Michigan.

Mommy and I are so distaught that we can't bring ourselves to do shout-outs this week. There really aren't any shout-outs to give. And Mommy is just too exhausted to go back and look up stats and photos for the last two games we missed. We apologize to the shout-out fans, but you'll have to wait until next week before we start those up again.

I may sound like I'm really depressed. I would be completely down in the dumps today if it weren't for the fact that I went to the greatest birthday party ever!

My good friend Ally turns 5 soon, and to celebrate, her Mommy and Daddy threw a huge celebration. Here is the birthday girl blowing out the candles.

It had to have been an incredible party to take my mind off of the fact that we were spanked by Michigan. Again. Seriously.

While my beloved Nittany Lions were being embarrassed in the Big House, I was having an incredible time in a different kind of big house.

Presenting...the most fun toy ever. Ever.

Ally's parents rented a princess moon bounce for the party. I can say with certainty that Ally, her friends and I were enjoying ourselves a lot more in this house than the Penn State football players and fans in the Big House.

I could barely contain my excitement before I entered the moon bounce for the first time. I almost missed finding the entrance because I was so excited. Daddy had to point out the opening to me!

Upon entering, I immediately knew what to do. I jumped and jumped like I was a kangaroo on a sugar high.

I felt as though I were floating on air. I couldn't stop. It was like there were springs on my feet. I jumped and jumped and jumped...

...and then I fell.

I was a bit stunned. I didn't expect to fall. I thought I was invincible.

Then I realized that when a Penn State player falls, he gets back up immediately. Even when he's pushed over by a stinky Wolverine, he gets back up. So get back up is what I did.

Then I jumped and jumped some more.

The next time that I fell I wasn't so stunned. I managed to wave at Daddy while I was lying on my back. Maybe falling on the moon bounce isn't so bad after all!

Daddy even came into the moon bounce to jump with me. I was so happy that Daddy came in to play with me, but he does need to work on his jumping height. He didn't catch quite enough air between his feet and the moon bounce.

Daddy even took the opportunity in the moon bounce to show me how the Penn State defense should have tackled Mike Hart every play.

After literally bouncing my pigtails off, Daddy brought out the cupcakes to give us all some needed energy.

I worked up an appetite in the moon bounce. These luscious cupcakes ought to give me the energy boost I need to go back and bounce for a few more hours.

I tried sticking out my tongue to boo the Michigan football team, but Mommy told me that wasn't nice. I disguised my second attempt at sticking my tongue out at the Wolverines by pretending to clean off the icing on my face. Mommy never suspected that I was showing my disgust with the maize and blue.

Thank you SO much for inviting me to your amazing birthday party, Ally. Only an event like this could have kept my mind off of our devastating loss today.

The moon bounce was SO MUCH FUN, the food and cupcakes were yummy and the necklaces you gave me to take home are beautiful. Seriously!! I'm glad that you had a fun day, too. Happy Birthday!!!

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