Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Yankee Doodle Babies

For my first Fourth of July, we celebrated our independence from the Eden Resort Inn by having our good friends Sean, Jessi, Ally and Noelle over to our new house for a barbeque. They were our very first guests! We hope they had a good time.

I showed Noelle all the toys on my exersaucer. She really seemed to like it. We had a great time chatting and sharing toys. We're going to be quite the dynamic duo when we get older. Watch out!

Noelle tried to figure out why I don't have as much hair as she does. She is as stumped as everyone else.

Noelle's older sister, Ally, played with Trixie and Emmet all day long. When it was Ally's nap time, Trix and Em took a well deserved rest, too. Mommy & Daddy were very happy that Ally wore them out!

Mommy and Daddy cooked some lip-smacking good food for the barbeque. They are both so excited to have a kitchen again. Wanna come over for dinner?

PS - Check out Noelle and Ally's blog, "Sean's House of Divas" (under "links" on the right side of the page). Noelle and Ally's Mommy is a VERY talented photographer and took some great shots of our Fourth of July fun day. Don't miss them - go now!

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Ally said...

I had the best time!!! I especially had fun knocking emmet over and giving trixie "gentle" hugs... Mommy told me to tell Charlotte that Noelle is sorry for pulling her hair... Noelle just doesn't understand that not EVERY baby has as much hair as she does! It's ok, charlotte, Noelle pulls my hair all the time too... I just whack her in the face and she stops. You should try that next time ok? :) Oh, and next time Charlotte, I'll bring my green play doh and teach you how to make boogies come out of your nose.... mommy loves that trick.. I think your daddy will like it too!

See you at your party!!!