Sunday, July 09, 2006

Drew's Day

Take a good look, ladies. This dapper dude is my cousin, Drew. He is modeling the latest look, straight from the runways of the Vatican - the Drewie Vitton Baptismal Suit.

Today was Drew's special day. He was baptized at St. Mary's Church in Lancaster. He wasn't crazy about the special 'shampoo' the priest used to wash his hair, but otherwise he was happy to entertain all of the family and friends who shared in his big day.

While I admired Drew's suit all afternoon, it looks like he wasn't too impressed with my pretty dress. That's OK, Drew. You still have a while to learn that you must compliment a lady's outfit, whether or not you like it!

Because I had to sit still for such a long time during the ceremony and lunch (I was supposed to be quiet, too, but I just had too much to say while I was in church,) I needed some playtime after lunch. Drew's cousin, Lauren, was nice enough to play with me and keep me occupied. She was a lot of fun!

Here's a photo of me with Mommy and Daddy. There aren't too many of these (since Mommy is the one usually behind the camera making silly noises to get me to smile), so Mommy was happy to have this one taken today.

Congratulations on your baptism, Drew! Thanks for inviting me.

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drewseph said...

Hi Coz,

After being drenched in water and oil I was too traumatized to say it, but I thought you looked so pretty. You were certainly more comfy than I was in that white satin get-up (oh, the sacrifices we make for fashion). Thanks for coming to my Baptism.

Next party's at your house!