Monday, June 12, 2006

Worst Nightmare

Charlotte is such a smart little girl. She already knows a few tricks (aside from her dog tricks that she learned from the pugs) She can wave hello and goodbye, give you five, shake toys on command, and show you that she is "SO BIG!"

Tonight at dinner Jed and I thought it would be cute to teach her to do the touchdown motion when someone says "Touchdown Penn State!" After watching Mommy and Daddy model the technique for her, Charlotte decided it was more fun to laugh at us than to mimic us. We were about to give up for the night when Jed, being the stinker that he is, said "Go Buckeyes!" and put his arms straight up in the air. Wouldn't you know it, Jed the Stinker's daughter, Charlotte the Stinker, decides at that moment to do the touchdown signal.

Needless to say, Charlotte is going to be getting lessons everyday from now on to do the "Touchdown Penn State" signal. She will be grounded one day for everytime she performs the signal for "Go Buckeyes." Where did we go wrong?!

Look, Daddy. I am so talented that I can even do the touchdown signal pug style. I can do anything with my tongue sticking out.

Woah, Daddy! Mommy just told me the trick you played on me. That was dirty!


drewseph said...

To Cousin Charlotte:
Keep up your shenenigans--it gets me one step closer to inheriting JoePa's fortune.

To Uncle Jed:
Way to go! Now that she's got that down, you may as well teach her some other gems like "Go Notre Dame" or "Go Pitt"

To Auntie Megg:
Don't let Charlotte's cuteness disuade you from punishing her--be strong. Your discipline may prevent this poor, wayward child from becoming--GASP--an Ohio State student.

emily said...

Awesome! In the last pic, she's doing the "Lou Holtz" fingers!!!

Go Irish :)

Jennifer said...

It sounds like her heart may still be in Columbus! LOL You can't fault her for knowing a good team when she hears one!

Hope things are going well for you, Megg! Congratulations on the new home!