Monday, June 19, 2006

Charlotte's New Web

After months of being homeless, we officially became the owners of a beautiful house today. Thankfully, everything went smoothly at the closing. Even Charlotte didn't seem to mind sitting in her stroller in the office for an hour while Mommy and Daddy signed a zillion documents. She must have known that being patient for that hour meant freedom from the Eden Resort. Oh, and the fruit puffs helped, too.

Welcome to my new crib! Even though I love our new house, I'm still a little nervous about the grass here. I guess this green stuff is prickly no matter where it is!

I'm already trying to find ways to open this door so I can go play outside. I hope Mommy and Daddy invested in some child locks!!

Mommy and Daddy think that this is their tub. Little do they know that I am already trying to figure out how many rubber duckies will fit in it for my baths.

This is my very own bedroom. I'm so good at unpacking. In less than a minute I had all of the toys from this basket on the floor.

So far this is the only room that hasn't completely impressed me. Looks like Mommy won't have a mini Rachael Ray to help her out in the kitchen (Mommy needs a lot more help than a mini Rachael Ray can provide, anyway!)


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emily said...

Congrats! And congrats on teaching Charlotte to smile without her tongue!!!

McKenna said...

Congrats on the new house! Can't wait to see more pictures of it soon! Happy unpacking...

Janelle said...

yay! Congratulations you guys! I am glad the closing went well and good luck with the unpacking! We'll see you next month :)
auntie janelle

gramma betsy said...

house gorgeous