Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Chug

Chug (pronounced 'shugg')

The American Kennel Club has recognized a new breed of dog. The Chug is part Charlotte, part pug. It is a very friendly breed. It has a perfectly round, adorable face and unusually large, beautiful eyes.

The Chug has a long, lean body but lacks the curly tail of the pug. It has little fur, light in color. The Chug is usually quite large at birth.

The tongue of the Chug is often visible. It will make loud, odd noises to get attention.

The Chug loves to play. Its favorite game is tug of war. Owners should beware - the Chug can be sneaky and is known to steal toys from others.

The Chug eats all kinds of food. Owners should not over-feed the Chug - it is famous for eating almost anything put in front of it. The Chug drinks formula, but will enjoy an occasional swig of water.

The Chug is a mischievous breed. It has been known to lure unsuspecting victims into a crate and then close the door.


drewseph said...

Oh my God! Charlotte, do you want me to call Child Protective Services for you? You're in a friggin' dog crate!

If you need a safe place to sleep, I'll share my pack n play with you.

A concerned cousin...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous !

Janelle said...

That is so cute ;) Everyone is going to want a Chug!
I hope you guys are all ready to move! Congratulations on the new place ;)
-aunt janelle