Monday, June 05, 2006

Back to the Buckeye State

Charlotte would like to give a big shout out to Emily and Brian for letting us crash at their house in Columbus this past weekend. On Saturday morning, we made the long drive out to visit friends and attend a student's graduation.
Our first stop was the old house. Closing takes place today, so it is officially not our home anymore. We dropped off our keys and said good-bye.
Next we went to Ken, Andrea and McKenna's house for a barbeque. Emily, Brian, Chad, Negar and Myles were there, too. It was great to see everyone again. Charlotte had a great time playing with McKenna and all her toys. Thanks to McKenna for the photo:)

Thanks for being so nice about sharing your toys, McKenna. When you share like that, I don't look like the dirty toy thief that my Mommy says I am!

Then we went to Brian and Emily's beautiful house to stay for the night. Charlotte must have felt very comfortable thanks to her wonderful hosts - she slept really well in her pack-n-play. Normally she's not a big fan of sleeping in it, but something about Brian and Emily's house made her feel good enough to sleep like a log. While Charlotte had sweet dreams of fruit puffs and her favorite stuffed horse Barbaro, Mommy and Daddy had a great evening with Bartender Brian and Giggly Umule.

Gather 'round, Brian and Barbaro. This is the story about a dog named Sizzles...

The next day, Mommy went to the graduation and Charlotte accompanied Daddy, Brian and Emily to the best pizza shop in Ohio for a nice lunch.
Thanks for a great weekend everyone. We miss you!


Emily and Brian said...

We're so happy Charlotte liked the house and felt comfy. She was a treat, as were Jed's combine stories :)

Glad you guys made it home safe/sound. Hope it was a quiet trip.

emily said...

P.S. Can't wait to see the pic of Charlotte reading to Brian :)

McKenna said...

I thought you'd appreciate a little Big 10 humor... OK, we can at least agree that Buckeyes stink!! I have a few more pictures of you'd like. Is your e-mail address the same?

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

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