Thursday, June 11, 2009

"My" Wedding

A few months ago my Uncle Rick asked me if I'd be the flower girl in his wedding.

Is the Pope Catholic?!?

This was my dream come true. I could wear a pretty dress, have my hair styled, walk down an aisle getting all sorts of attention and carry a basket filled with pretty flower petals.

From the moment he asked me, I told anybody that I encountered that they could come to 'my' wedding. Mommy said that if she had a dollar for everytime I said, "You can come to my wedding," she could pay for my fantasy wedding when I get married someday (currently I am planning on marrying my Italian Stallion boyfriend, Francesco.)

The wedding weekend finally arrived after months of anticipation. We made the long drive up to Maine over two days - Claire and I were both angels according to Mommy.

When we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house, I had some good bonding time with everyone - especially Uncle Mar. He taught me how to play this fun game on the computer called slots...

Then it was time for the rehearsal. It was fun being on the beach and practicing my role for the real wedding. The dinner was especially yummy.

Claire seemed to enjoy the rehearsal dinner, too - at least the part for which she was actually awake!
The big day finally arrived. We went to a real grown-up salon and I got my first up-do!! I sat very still for the stylist - I didn't want my princess hair to be ruined!
The masterpiece!!

Daddy said that I looked beautiful!
For the first time ever, we were early for an event. That gave us some time to mingle with Aunt Janelle and Aunt Jill. Don't they look so pretty in their princess dresses?
It's almost time for the wedding!! I needed to practice my smile :)
The moment finally arrived!! I had the honor of walking in front of Uncle Rick's beautiful bride-to-be, Jenn, and dropping yellow rose petals for her to walk on - I think I did a great job!!

I was a little disappointed that Claire didn't see my big moment. She was sleeping.


The ceremony was beautiful, and when it ended we all headed back to the inn for the reception.

Claire even decided to stay awake for some of the party and spend time with family.

Another moment I had waited all day for - the cake!!!

I had a blast dancing with Grandma and Grandpa. Even though I was more tired than I think I've been in my entire life, I had a wonderful time and am so thankful that Uncle Rick and Aunt Jenn asked me to take part in their special day!!
Congratulations to the happy couple! Welcome to the family, Jenn!!

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Heidi said...

Charlotte, You look beautiful! And Claire is looking more & more like you every day! Miss you lots!