Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sneaky Bunny!

Happy Easter, everyone! Since Mommy is trying to keep the blog current again, she decided that the baby of the family should now have the chance to narrate the posts. Charlotte has been narrating for the past FIVE years now (yes, this blog is that old. Mommy said she started it in February, 2006!), so we all figured it is my turn. Don't tell Charlotte, though - she doesn't like to lose a turn on anything ;)

Charlotte's Web and Claire's Lair is now under the control of me, CLAIRE ABIGAIL!!! :)

This is my first post. Please be kind!

We had a very nice Easter this year. The sneaky Easter bunny visited our house again. Why is he sneaky? It starts off with this note...

We had to find eight eggs that each held a clue as to where our baskets were hidden. Luckily, my big sis knows how to read, so she was able to follow the clues.

After some serious detective work, we found our baskets hidden in our playhouse. Mommy brought them out to the kitchen, and we were able to look through our Easter surprises.

Somehow the Easter Bunny heard about my hat obsession...
He also knows that I enjoy a nice pair of shades.

He guessed correctly that Charlotte loves anything to do with fashion and her favorite movie, Tangled.

He also guessed correctly that Charlotte enjoys Barbie.

After a lovely morning spent at our house, we went to visit Nana and JoePa's house for Easter dinner. I was so busy playing that I made it very difficult for Mommy to get a nice Easter photo of me with anyone...

Even a food bribe didn't help.

Yeah, I had too many things to do and to see to be bothered with any photos!

I was willing to show off my new Michael Jackson hat, though.

Easter Bunny? Are you there? Can you hear me now?

I love how this dress shows off my muscles!

Maybe I'll smile for a photo when I'm a big kid like Drew and Charlotte.

The day before Easter, we traveled up to Grandma Betsy's house for a yummy Easter dinner. That sneaky Easter Bunny hid eggs all over her apartment. Charlotte and I had a great time trying to find all of them!

Speaking of eggs - a few days before Easter, Drew and Charlotte colored eggs together. Reed and I weren't too interested in what they were doing. Who wants to color eggs when there are instruments to play and books to read? Drew and Charlotte sure did seem proud of their work, though.

Don't bother me about coloring eggs - I want to go on egg hunts and get the yummy stuff that is inside them. Last week we went to the middle school with our empty baskets and came home with very full baskets :) The little kids got to go first.

Even though I was more than capable of finding the eggs on my own, I let Charlotte think that she was helping me by letting her walk me around the field.

Look out!! Coming through with a heavy basket!

A bit of an embarrassing moment - someone forgot to tell me that the second egg hunt was for kindergarteners...

Once I was herded back to the sideline, Charlotte and the other big kids took off on their hunt.Charlotte didn't have too much competition.

Our friend Natalie came to the hunt with us. A five year old, a three year old and a two year old - unless you are Jessica Barnak, you aren't going to get a good photo of that group! Funny Mommy thought she'd get a nice shot...

The highlight of the egg hunt for Charlotte was the face painting. That girl is a sucker for paint on her face. Especially pink paint and butterflies.

Overall, we had a bunny-riffic Easter. Charlotte and Mommy got their Easter crafts on - I assumed they took a nap every afternoon like I do, but apparently they spend that time crafting. Silly girls. Here are the bunny cups that Charlotte made for Drew and Reed.
Charlotte also made these very pretty vases.

Daisies for Nana...
...and tulips for Grandma Betsy.
We hope you all had a lovely Easter!!

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