Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dance Party!!

Sorry for the delay, everyone. We've had a busy month!!!

On July 24th, I had my fifth birthday party at one of my favorite places - my ballet studio!! All of my friends came to dance, play game and eat with me. Miss Melanie, my instructor from last year, organized everything and made sure that we all had a great time. My current instructor, Miss Elaina, made a suprise appearance! I was so happy to see her because she told me that she couldn't come. After a few games in one studio, we walked to the studio next door for pizza, snacks and drinks.
All of my good friends were there - I was so happy they could all celebrate with me!

When it was time to open gifts, I had my own ballerina chair to sit in while I unwrapped everything.
My friends were all so generous!!

Claire LOVED crawling around on the mat. I think we need to buy her a mat for her 2nd birthday - maybe she'll be a gymnast!

After cupcakes, more games and dances, Miss Melanie brought out the parachute. Who doesn't love the parachute?!?

I was the first one to sit in the middle while everyone else whipped it up and down - it felt so funny!
Everyone had a turn to sit in the middle :)

Even though it was a ballet party, I think that Drew had fun, too!

Thank you, Encore Dance Center, for helping make my 5th birthday party very memorable - I loved every minute of it!!
Part II of my party occurred after the dance party ended. Family, neighbors, and friends who traveled from afar came to our house for food, swimming, splash rocketing and fun. It was a bit hot (almost 100 degrees!), but we still enjoyed ourselves!

Drew, Avery, Alyssa and me

Thank you to my family and friends for making me feel so special!!
And last, but not least, here is the CD favor and the cupcakes that Mommy made for all of my friends.
The CD is filled with all of my favorite dance songs. I listen to it all the time - probably too much if you ask Mommy and Claire :)

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