Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Return To Hilton Head

We're back!!

For the second year in a row, Mommy, Daddy, and I made the long drive down to Hilton Head with our new beach buddy Claire. Daddy had a genius idea to drive overnight, so instead of taking over twelve hours like last year, we made the trip in just over ten!! Claire slept the ENTIRE trip, and I finally dozed off after chatting non-stop for about two hours :)

We arrived early Saturday morning and immediately met up with Nana and Joepa to start our fantastic vacation!!

The big news this year (aside from our new beach companion, Claire), was that I am no longer afraid of the water!! Ocean water, pool water - I loved it all. Last year they couldn't get me into the ocean, this year they couldn't get me out!!

It seems like Claire isn't afraid, either. This is her very first dip into the ocean!

We were even able to pull Daddy away from his tennis to join us at the beach one morning!

One of my favorite things to do at the beach - sit with Nana in one of her beach chairs, watch the ocean and make 'mud pies' with the sand.

I think Claire enjoyed Nana's chair, too!

Claire, wishing she could run out and jump in the waves by herself.

This pile of sand needs some accessories - aka, pretty seashells.

Mommy didn't get a photo of me with it, but I found my very own sand dollar on the beach!! Nana was very jealous - she's been looking for one for years!!

Modeling my favorite Ariel cover-up!

I loved the pool even more than I loved the beach! Give me some floaties and move aside!

Claire loved kicking her chubby legs in the pool, too!!

Mommy, Claire, Nana and I spent LOTS of time at the pool!

Even Claire laughed when she realized that she looked like the Michelin man in her bathing suit!!

To keep with tradition, we went to the Old Oyster Factory on our first night out. There were hush puppies. Lots and lots of hush puppies...

Thankfully Daddy didn't order any wine this year!

Claire didn't seem too upset that she couldn't try the hush puppies.

The next day we explored Shelter Cove, and Mommy admired all of the beautiful boats that she wants, but will never have.

We were so excited that we got to eat lunch at the Salty Dog Cafe this year - last year the line was too long. Here I am riding Jake, the Salty Dog!!

Love my Salty Dog cup!!

Claire decided to model the Salty Dog hat that Nana and Joepa bought for Reed. It fits Claire now, so it might be a LONG time before it fits little Reed :)

Having fun with Nana and Joepa at the Salty Dog.

Claire got a bit irked when she wasn't included in the first photo!

That night we went to Sea Pines to see my favorite singer - Gregg Russell. He's been singing in Hilton Head every summer for over THIRTY years!! I have his CD and listen to it all the time.

I was excited for Claire to experience his show for the first time. Daddy was so nice to hold me AND Claire so that we could both see!

The next day we went on a dolphin cruise. We chose a different ship with a different route this year - we got to travel on the Atlantic Ocean this time!!

We saw a TON of dolphins!! I didn't get to drive the ship this year, though, so I left a little bit disappointed.
Claire didn't see quite as many dolphins as we did...

For our last night, we went to Marley's for dinner. It was delicious!! We were all in really good moods considering we had to leave the next day. Mommy even let me take this photo!

I took this photo, too. Hilton Head brought out the creative side of me!

Goodbye Hilton Head! We had a marvelous week and we can't wait to return!

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