Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dancey Dancey School

This morning I went to my very first "dancey dancey" class!

I was so excited that I didn't even hold it against Mommy when she dressed me in a leotard, tights and ballet shoes that were just TOO big for me (she swears that she looked everywhere for smaller sizes, but I'm sure she could have searched a little bit longer...)

After getting over the shock of having elephant ankles and knees, we drove through the deluge known as Tropical Storm Hanna to get to the studio. We were informed that the first part of class would be tap, so I had to change into my brand new "loud" shoes.

Like a good dancer, I got onto my mat in the circle and listened to the teacher as she tried to teach us to tap our sticks to the beat of the music.

(That's me to the left of the girl in the blue - I made sure that Mommy knew that Jules wasn't following the rule of wearing a black leotard and pink tights to class. I may be a graceful ballerina now, but that doesn't mean I am stepping down as policegirl of the preschool world.)

I didn't want to make too much noise (contrary to my singing philosophy) - notice that I am the only dancer still on my mat.

Miss Melanie finally convinced me to tap onto the loud floor - of course I only agreed when she told me I could hold her hand and lead the girls one way around the circle.

Whew!! Loud tap time is over, hand me my "dancey dancey" ballet shoes!!

Simba who?? I got to wear the lovely lion mask during our animal dance. Of course everyone thought I was just a regular lion - little did they know I was a lady Nittany Lion!!

Policegirl Charlotte here again, making sure all the girls stayed in line while waiting to do our animal crawls.

Have you ever seen a better monkey crawl in your life?? Quick - throw me a banana!

Class ended with my favorite - the scarf dance. I twirled and twirled until I couldn't twirl anymore...

I had a blast at my first "dancey dancey" class. I can't wait to go back next week!!

After class we went home, had lunch, then left for the York Fair to see the Doodlebops Live!! I didn't even notice the tropical storm falling all around us at the outdoor event...Mommy says she is still recovering from the day, so she'll post the Doodlebop pictures another time. Stay tuned!

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You need to post a pic of your from your "dancey dancey" class!