Thursday, July 10, 2008

Charlotte's Strolls: Professional Dog Walking Service

Is your dog in desperate need of exercise, but you just can't find the time in your busy day to take her on a walk?

Don't worry about your overweight dog anymore. My size 7 shoes were made for walking!!

Walking your dog, that is.

For a small fee (two Fig Newtons, a scratch-n-sniff Strawberry Shortcake sticker and a bottle of pink nail polish), I will make sure you pooch gets the exercise she needs.

We will walk briskly so that your pup's heart rate stays high. We will only stop for the occasional dandelion...

...'lie down' command practice...

...and, of course, the need to relieve.

If your canine gets lazy and starts dragging behind, I will pick up the pace and begin a toddler trot.

After only a few walks with me, your dog will be in tip-top shape and will no longer struggle to keep up with the brisk pace.

With "Charlotte's Strolls", your dog will be safe at all times. I always look both ways before crossing the street and I never pull too hard.

Your dog will be returned home safely and in better shape than she ever was before.

As you can see from this video, I take great pride in my walks and enjoy my job thoroughly. If your dog needs a stroll, call "Charlotte's Strolls" today!!

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