Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dr. McCutie

Move over, Doogie Howser, M.D. I now hold the title for youngest physician EVER. At only two and a half years old, I have already earned TWO medical degrees and am owner of a thriving private practice in Pennsylvania.

I became inspired to be a doctor when my cool Aunt Janelle (that's DOCTOR Evans to you!!) gave me these sweet scrubs with "Dr Charlotte" embroidered on them. While a very cool fashion statement, I felt as though I had to live up to my new outfit. Off to medical school I went...

I was top of my class at John Hopkids University School of Medicine and went on to become chief resident at Seattle Grace Hospital - yes, Dr. McDreamy is really that McDreamy in real life. He wasn't quite as McSmart in neurosurgery until he met me, though!!

Here is one of my regular patients, Big Head Barbie. She is a bit of a hypochondriac, so I see her in my office a lot.

Once again, Barbie, I'm not hearing any brain activity...

There's nothing that a shot in the eye won't fix!

Your ears look clear. You could have chosen cuter earrings, but other than that, I see no sign of illness.

Your blood pressure is zero over zero. At least you are consistent.

You have no temperature, either. And by no temperature, I mean that your body literally registers no temperature.

Just as I suspected. You don't need any prescription to feel better - all you need is a great blow out!

My second degree is in ophthalmology.

Can't see? Come see me!!

Did I forget to mention that I have a third degree? It's a medical degree, but not for treating humans. I am also a veterinarian.

My medical / veterinary practice treats humans in the morning and animals in the afternoon. This is one of my regulars, Emmet Otter.

Hmmmm. This is concerning. All I hear is a bunch of gurgling and snorting.

I am so good that I make all of my own appointments. Real doctors don't need office assistants!

It is vital to the health of my patients, human and animal, that I pretend to wash my hands at the sink between every appointment.

How does a physician / ophthalmologist / veterinarian unwind after a long day of seeing patients? By enjoying a delicious fake ice cream cone, of course!!

If you're feeling ill, need a blow out, can't see with clarity, or have a pet in need of medical attention, give me a call!

Dr. Charlotte McCutie, MD, DO, DVM


the spiky hair one said... it. Gotta start young with this medicine business! Aunt Janelle misses you guys and hopes to see you soon ;)

Andrea said...

Charlotte is too freaking CUTE!!! Love the outfit and all the action photos.