Sunday, November 04, 2007

Twick ow Tweat

What a crazy Halloween!!

First, I went to school dressed as DeeDee Doodle for a Halloween party. We had special "spooky" snacks, we carved a Jack o Lantern, and we walked to other classrooms to fill up the candy bags we each designed. Everyone at school loved my costume! My teachers got a great photo of DeeDee surrounded by all of her boys!

Then I came home to a special surprise - Nana came over to go twick ow tweating with me and Mommy!! Daddy was in the middle of nowhere (aka Nebraska) for work, so it was just us girls that night!

I was so excited to put my costume back on and get started. I got my bat bucket, grabbed a piece of candy from Mommy's bucket for practice, and off we went!

Nana took my hand as we made our way to the first house. Mommy thought that I might get nervous when a grown up answered the first door, but she forgot she was talking about DeeDee Doodle, world famous singer and dancer. I perform in front of large crowds for a living - visitng a few houses wasn't going to make me nervous!

Mommy said that I was a pro from the first house. I walked up to the neighbors' door, smiled my best DeeDee smile, yelled "Twick ow Tweat" and took my time picking out a piece of candy. I carefully placed the loot into my bat basket, smiled again, said "Tank ooo!" and left with a skip in my step to the next house.

Why did Mommy ever doubt that I was a natural?

As much of a pro as I was, I started to tire quickly. I had a big day, after all. Our neighborhood seemed much bigger that night. After about twenty minutes, Mommy decided this glazed over look meant that it was time to head back home to hand out candy.

I got a second wind back at our house when I remembered all of the candy I had just earned with my cuteness.

Being the sweetie that Mommy always says that I am, I offered my first candy to Mommy. I know that she goes ga-ga over M&M's, so I gave her a bag. She says that the "M" stands for Meggan - that's why she feels like she has to eat them so much!

After carefully searching through the selection, I decided that this lollipop would be the first candy to pass my lips. It was my first lollipop ever, and it certainly won't be my last!!

Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli... (that one goes out to you, Auntie Tara!)

Thanks for going Twick ow Tweating with me and Mommy, Nana! I hope you had as much fun as I did!!

PS - Mommy and Daddy spent the day in Philly yesterday, so Mommy didn't get to see the PSU - Purdue game. I got to spend the day with Gramma, so I didn't see the game either. Neither Mommy nor I are qualified to do Shout Outs. Mommy says that we should just give a Shout Out to the whole team for pulling out a win!

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Tara said...

Thanks for the shout out Charlotte! Papa Gibson will appreciate it as well. love, Tara