Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Charlotte Clijsters

Watching Daddy play tennis for so many years has made Charlotte want to learn how to play, too. She really wants to go out on a court and spend some time with Daddy. She also really likes the outfits :)

Yesterday she finally went to her first clinic. I spent the afternoon with Nana while Mommy took her to the rec center. She looks ready to go, doesn't she??

The kids started off practicing with bean bags. Charlotte was able to keep hitting the bean bag for quite a long time!
Once they started working with the balls, it was time to practice the forehand.

Charlotte had trouble with the stationary drills, but once they did drills where she had to move to the ball, her racquet made contact a lot!

Charlotte said that she enjoyed the entire hour, and she wants to go back again next week. That means she'll need more tennis outfits, which I'm sure she will just dread shopping for... :) Charlotte is well on her way to hitting the court with Daddy! Now Daddy just needs to buy me my own racquet so I can get started, too!!

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