Monday, November 08, 2010

Pumpkin Chunkin

Once again we ventured to the Oregon Dairy for some good ol' Lancaster County autumn fun. This was the first time that Claire could pick out her own pumpkin.

First rule of pumpkin pickin' - try to pick a pumpkin smaller than you!

This one was more her size :)

Second rule of pumpkin pickin' - lift with your legs, not your back

Third rule of pumpkin pickin' - quickly try to find Daddy so he can carry your pumpkin :)

Once you have chosen the perfect pumpkin, sit on a hay bale for the required photo for Mommy (try not to fall off of the bale)

Proceed to the crowd gathered around the crazy guy with the pumpkin chucker.

Hand the crazy pumpkin guy a huge pumpkin, pull the lever and watch your pumpkin soar through the air!

After watching everyone try to hit the wagon half a mile away with their pumpkin, it's time to play with some corn!

Playing with corn is almost as fun as eating it!!!

Time to make the pumpkins look pretty!

Ta da!! Another great Family Fun Harvest Day at the Oregon Dairy!

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