Sunday, December 09, 2007

Walking In a (Dutch) Winter Wonderland

What a fun and exciting weekend!

On Saturday, Avery and Evan (and their mommy and daddy) came to visit and to spend a fun evening with us at Dutch Winter Wonderland. Dutch Wonderland is a local amusement park with lots of rides for little kids like us. For the holidays, they display lots of lights, sell hot cider and kettle corn, invite Santa to visit and open up the kiddie rides. The mommies made sure we would be warm by wrapping us up "A Christmas Story" style, but that didn't dimish our excitement. Evan and I couldn't wait to get out of the stroller and onto the rides!!

We didn't waste any time when we got to Dutch Winter Wonderland. Avery and I decided to ride the "Dukes Dozers" ride right away. Even all bundled up with 200 layers of clothes, we loved controlling the bulldozer and going around in circles.

Evan decided to ride solo. He wanted the bulldozer controls all to himself - such a boy!

While Avery and Evan went to have a snack, Daddy took me on the Crazy Plane ride. If you look closely, you can see me big pink furry hood looking out the middle window - Daddy is sitting next to me.
Mommy got a little nervous when she saw how high the plane flew. Mommy thought that maybe I wasn't really her daughter when I bravely and confidently stuck my head to look out the window the whole ride, even when we were really high in the sky.
Daddy couldn't resist taking me on the antique car ride. He stood in line for ten minutes to show me what his love of cars was all about. Once we were strapped in, Daddy said I immediately took control of the steering wheel and was delighted to drive around the track.

When Mommy saw the photo taken at the end of the ride, she knew she had to purchase it. Daddy looks so proud looking down at me as I steered - Mommy thinks I look like his little protege!
Avery and her Daddy were excited to say hi to Duke The Dragon, the official mascot of Dutch Wonderland. In keeping with my extreme fear of all things hooded, masked or bearded, I wouldn't even look at Duke (or Santa at the end of the night!)

After a few hours of rides, snacks and COLD weather, we decided to end the night with the train ride around the amusement park. I was completely exhausted at this point (notice my frozen expression - I was motionless from fatigue, not the cold!)
As tired as I was, I really loved snuggling close to Mommy and Daddy on the train, looking at all the lights and rides around the park.

Daddy tried his best to get a good photo of the Dixons in the seat in front of us, but we were a little too close. Avery, Evan and Big Jim, although cold, also enjoyed the train.

Amy thought the train ride was a nice way to finish the evening, too.

Thank you SO much for coming out to visit us Amy, Big Jim, Avery and Evan! We always have so much fun with you!!

I was SO tired from the fun night at Dutch Winter Wonderland that Mommy had to wake me at TEN THIRTY on Sunday morning to get ready for the next event. My friends Grace and Riley turn 3 on Tuesday, so we went up to Camp Hill to help them celebrate!!
Auntie Sherona had a great craft for us - we decorated our own snowflakes!! Erin and I were working hard to make our snowflakes beautiful while Genna's daddy worked hard at being silly!

Genna was very proud of her snowflake creation!

I, too, wanted to show everyone my snowflake masterpiece. Ta-dah!!

After a messy craft, Genna and I decided we needed to tidy up the kitchen a bit.

Grace and Riley were very excited to blow out the candles on their cake!

Can you tell that I LOVE cake?!?!?

Grace and Riley got a lot of great gifts, and Genna and I enjoyed helping the girls open them!!
Grace and Riley seemed to love all of their presents!!

Thanks for inviting us to your party! I hope I can be as wonderful a girl as you both are when I am three!!

And to end this blog entry, Mommy thought she would share a photo of my new funny face.

It sure is fun learning new tricks from the boys at school!!! :)

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